image Our company offers services in two aspects of Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS i.e. Consultancy and or Execution of task on turnkey basis. We shall be able to carry out various tasks with required accuracy and optimum cost effectiveness.

We execute projects using the latest state of the art technology using electronic instruments like viz. Dual Frequency Survey grade DGPS, Total Stations combined with Satellite images, Stereo Aerial Photographs as per the requirements of the client. Our project execution team consists of well experienced engineers and professionals headed by our technical consultants.

BAC provides a variety of surveying services, including wetland delineation, boundary, as built, tree and topographic surveys, staking of roadway and drainage projects, and providing finished floor elevation certificates for real estate closings. We have been contracted by engineering, architectural and residential design firms to provide surveying services for the development of both residential and commercial properties. Our client list comprises numerous Federal & State Agencies, major and independent Oil & Gas Companies, pipeline companies, and other industrial and private entities.

The Surveying/mapping services offered by BAC include:

Land Surveying & MApping Services
  • - Topographical Survey
  • - Cadastral Surveys
  • - Network/Route/Pipe Alignment Surveys
  • - GPS/DGPS Surveys
  • - Total Station Surveys at Construction Sites
  • - Mapping and data collection
CAD/GIS Data Services
  • - Scanning & Digitization
  • - Land base Creation
  • - Utility Mapping
  • - Map Updation Services
Training Services
  • - Instrument Operating (Total Station, GPS, DGPS)
  • - Surveying Strategies
  • - CAD/CAM, ArcGIS, Arc MAP